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Air Suspension An Important Component In Any Vehicle Seating

Air Suspension An Important Component In Any Vehicle Seating

Bus drivers and tractor operators face fatigue all the time because they need to sit for hours and this is the reason why it is so important to choose seats that will not only provide comfort but extra support to the driver. For this reason, specialized seating is developed in order to address the need for drivers to be comfortable while working. One of the most important features in modern vehicle seating is back cushion.

The hazard when driving is that the lower back area as well as the spine is compressed thus making them weak through time. Back support cushion does not only mean that the bus seats come with excellent and sturdy foams but also ergonomic designs. However, these features alone are not enough to provide support to the operator thus air suspension seats are created. Air suspension seats are a vehicle suspension that is powered by air compressors. The air compressor creates pressurized air which acts as a spring.

Naturally, when a vehicle is in motion, the operator usually experiences vibration from the machine itself as well as from the terrain. What makes the back cushion not enough is that it cannot neutralize the vibration which causes health problems to the driver. However, with air suspension, the vibration is reduced by as much as 70%. Another benefit of using this particular seating technology is that it also reduces the friction and spring rate thus making the operator feel comfortable while driving. Moreover, this type of vehicle seating also adjusts to the shift made by the body thus making the driver very comfortable even when riding for several hours. These features are something that is not easily achieved by ordinary back support cushion. What air suspension does is that it provides holistic approach in protecting the entire body of the operator specifically on the back area.

Air suspension seats are very beneficial in different vehicles like buses, tractors and forklifts. For this reason, there are lots of people who want to buy air compressors for sale to turn their ordinary seats into air suspension seats so that they will be able to sit comfortably inside their vehicles for a long period of time. Since air suspension seats are very expensive, there are now lots of people who create their own suspension seats by buying air compressors for sale. But to create suspension seats, you need to know mechanical engineering in order to create efficient seats that you can use safely.

Level 5 VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair Your Road to

Level 5 VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair Your Road to Success

A career in vehicle accident repair can be a very rewarding career that could even see you owning and running your own repairs business in the future. Whether you are switching careers or you have just left school, it’s essential that you have the right level of training so that you can stand out from the crowd and really make an impact at interview.

The Level 5 – VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair qualification is perfect for those who have already completed the previous 4 modules in this series and who now want to move to the next level. There are many motor vehicle courses in Glasgow, but this particular course gives you the essential knowledge you need to become a body repairer offering repairs across a wide range of vehicles. With this qualification you will impress employers and be ready to work in any type of garage or car dealership. The Level 5 – VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair looks great on your CV and is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

The Stepping Stone to A Promising Career in the Vehicle Repair Trade

Another benefit to taking this training course is that it is recognised by the Sector Skills Council as a VRQ/Technical Certificate. If you are aiming to achieve a Modern Apprenticeship then this course can be used as knowledge evidence.

When taking this course you will be studying a variety of theory and practical modules related to the removal and fitting of non-welded non-structural body panels and replacing non-structural body panels and repairing non-structural body panels. You will not only learn how to remove panels safely and with no damage to other areas of the vehicle, but also how to repair them to the highest standard and to make good areas that require touching up or cosmetic repair.

When taking one of these motor vehicle courses in Glasgow you will be learning in a safe and well-equipped workshop and have access to the equipment you need and also the knowledge of your qualified and experienced instructor.

One of the Best Automobile Repair Courses There Is

If you are considering a career in vehicle repair then the VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair is an excellent course to take. It’s a qualification that is widely recognised across the automobile repair industry and could really take you places.

People are always going to be driving cars and that means they are always going to need the expertise of a good vehicle repairs expert. You could be that expert and all it takes is a little dedication and hard work on a good quality vehicle repair course. You could be qualified and ready to hit the job market in a matter of months and land yourself a fantastic new job in the repairs industry.

Why not check out the many motor vehicle courses in Glasgow today and begin your journey into an exciting and rewarding new career.

Cadillac Sixteen: Concept Or Production Vehicle?

Cadillac Sixteen: Concept Or Production Vehicle?

This past month I was finally able to get a first hand view of a fabulous looking concept car called the Cadillac Sixteen at the North Carolina International Automobile Show. As concepts go, the Sixteen is truly a radical looking, but thoroughly luxurious sedan that serves as a reminder of Cadillac’s past glory while incorporating a forward-looking 21st century style. Will the car be built? That is hard to say, especially considering GM’s current financial condition. However, let’s take a closer look at the dream car and what a Sixteen could do for the Cadillac brand.

It is a given: Cadillac has made tremendous strides over the past decade despite the ongoing problems with parent GM. No longer solely the builder of posh luxo-cruisers for the elderly, the current Cadillac line up is exciting, invigorating, and competitive. Whereas in times past comparisons with BMW and Mercedes would not have been made, today’s models frequently are compared to their elite German rivals. Sales are up and profits are up; still, there is room for improvement and the Sixteen could be the model behind the continued upswing in Cadillac fortunes.

So, why is the Sixteen still receiving raves three years after making its debut at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show? Well, let me paint a picture of this car for you: imagine a sedan with an extra long hood which seamlessly flows up to a rakish windshield. To the top of the car and down to its trunk, the Sixteen looks as if it is in motion while standing still. GM used no less than 30 coats of paint to bring out the deep, rich midnight silver color in the finish which gives the car an almost surreal look. Add in bountiful 24 inch tires and the car is truly commanding. Strikingly, the hood is center hinged like cars of old: while it was on display, one section of the hood was lifted up to reveal half of its sixteen cylinders. That’s right, the car isn’t called “Sixteen” for no reason.

The inside of the Sixteen is simply opulent. Because the car was sectioned off by roping, it was hard to get an eagle eye look. Nevertheless, I was able to see that the Sixteen incorporates advanced interior lighting, deep wood trim, and brushed leather almost everywhere.

After leaving the show I did some investigating and have learned that GM won’t be producing the Sixteen as shown. Supposedly, the 1000 horsepower output and 1000 lbs of torque is a bit much for a production vehicle and even with displacement on demand technology in use, 16 cylinders is a bit of a stretch in this day of elevated fuel prices.

What I have learned is that is several upcoming Cadillac models will adopt some of the Sixteen’s styling cues when they are updated over the next few years. Talk of adding a V12 engine to one model continues to persist, but most of the speculation involves styling.

Yes, Cadillac is no longer just the exclusive realm of blue haired grannies; instead, the brand is as exciting and as stimulating as just about any make today.

Are You Buying A Stolen Vehicle?

Are You Buying A Stolen Vehicle?

Auto and car theft is a crime. In truth, the term ?motor vehicle theft? could actually be used to refer to instances where automobiles, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, and other similar means of transportation are stolen. You see, this crime is actually punishable as a felony. This is primarily because this kind of situation causes extreme emotional and economic distress to its victim and to the society as well.

Many automobiles and cars are being stolen every minute. And it could be reflected in the various terms and phrases that has arisen and created to refer to it. Carjacking is one term and it means stealing a vehicle while it is still occupied by the owner or the driver. Another one is joyriding and it refers to stealing a motor vehicle and then later on abandoning it.

Of course, there have been ways and actions that the authorities have come up with to assist consumers and customers with ways to ward off any attempts at stealing their vehicles. In the United States, it is required that motor vehicles have vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and they must be registered with a vehicle licensing authority. If a vehicle has a VIN, it makes reselling a stolen vehicle very hard.

As per statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims that a motor vehicle is actually stolen every 25 seconds in the United States and the chances of recovering them dwindle to something much lower than 50 percent.

According to Larry Gamache of Carfax, ?Car thieves go into car lots to find vehicles that match the cars they steal. They?ll take off the VIN plate and put it on one they just stole. Then they?ll sell it to someone who has no idea it’s a stolen vehicle.?

With that, it is important to note the VIN of your vehicle before you purchase a car. Try checking the VIN number on the dashboard and compare it with the car’s title documents. You can check it out for discrepancies. And if you find any, it means that something sure is wrong. Gamache also adds, ?You should also match that number in other places, including under the hood and at the door jamb on the driver’s side. Then check that vehicle ID number to make sure it matches in all three spots.?

Stealing cars could be rampant however it does not mean that you have to keep your vehicle looking bad and not maintained. You can find quality and impressive Ford Excursion parts and other Ford parts at Ford Parts and Ford Auto Parts. Its collection of Ford parts will surely give your vehicle a boost in performance for all parts have undergone strict quality control measures.

Suspension System: One Important Factor For Vehicle Performance

Suspension System: One Important Factor For Vehicle Performance

When you pop open the hood of your vehicle, you will see pieces of metals that are interconnected to each other. As you come closer, you will see that some parts are greasy, others are filled with water and some parts are just too hot to touch after a long run. What you see in it is the intricacies of the engine adapted by the vehicle. They are the ones that make the vehicle run with good performance.

However, the basis of their performance is not solely accredited to the number of cylinders the vehicle has or the type of arrangement your engine parts have adapted. There is more to the ones running under the hood. What you see inside gives the power that your car needs in every change you make to your gear. The kind of engine that you have inside helps you use your gasoline efficiently and effectively. However, that is not all that you need to have your vehicles work the best way it can. There are other things that you need to look consider. It is simply because the road is not purely straight and even.

One of the factors that you should be looking into is suspension. Have you ever wondered why SUVs and trucks have Tuff Country Suspensions installed on them? They are only accessories to big trucks and they do not come as part of the original package. However, most of the people prefer to have them installed despite the price that they have to pay for such modification. Since people are exposed to technology, even the ones who are not born to be car mechanics have understood fairly the different means to improve car performance. That is why an accessory like this have high demands to improve performance of SUVs and trucks.

Suspension allows your cars to ride smoothly even when the road is bumpy. Without it, you will lose your ability to achieve stability in steering or even loose your control with you car. The purpose of putting them on your vehicle based on three principles, which revolves on two purposes: to distribute weight equally as the car accelerates (on different surface levels of the road) and to absorb the energy from the road without causing undue disturbance to the body of the car.

How will you control the speed and movement of the vehicle if it is big? You know how a big truck or an SUV looks like and how heavy it is, compared to the mainstream cars. Because of the suspension system adapted in vehicles, it makes it possible to get pass bumpy roads without damaging it. That is also, why most of them adapt modification by installing Tuff Country Suspensions on them to enhance the suspension system on their big vehicles.