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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Free Related Fact

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Free Related Fact

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Do You Know This Much About Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

Information like your age and gender can affect the annual price of the premium you will need to pay. Statistics imply that most single and young drivers are more prone to accidents as a consequence of reckless driving and gross disregard for traffic rules. Most of the road accidents in the United States are caused by teenage drunk drivers. Most insurance carriers therefore price their auto insurance products higher for them.

Next comes choosing your policy period. This is an important criterion, because your insurance coverage is only in effect during the period specified by the insurer in your policy. Most auto insurance policies cover a span from six months to one year.

During the request for car insurance quote online keep an eye on considerable deductions provided by auto insurance companies, mainly on their websites. With offered discounts, you can drop your premium.

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One way to avoid having to try so many companies is to use an insurance broker. These are intermediaries that will contact a lot of different auto insurance providers for you and then give you a list of the best quotes.

Typically, providers of free auto insurance quotes have the tools to access several insurance company databases with intention to provide the most competitive rates possible in order to generate higher business levels. You can really keep your auto insurance costs to a minimum by carrying out a few non-contractual quotes and insurance rate comparisons.

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To find the cheapest auto insurance rate you must study the norms by which rates are computed and provide all the essential information to avail of all available discounts and concessions.

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How to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers in

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers in Colorado?

Across the nation, 16-year-old drivers have consistently been at the highest risk of accident over any other age group. This is because new drivers lack experience during their first year on the road, and because young teens in general haven’t developed the same level of maturity and risk-aversion as older people. Alcohol and other impairing substances also affect them more strongly. In fact, car accidents remain the leading cause of death for teenagers in America.

Fortunately, there are several things any teen driver can do to mitigate some of the higher costs of car insurance for young drivers.

Get an “Insurance-Friendly” Car

A car that is more likely to be stolen or is in general more expensive to repair is going to cost more to insure. The insurance company assumes more risk if you drive a luxury car or something that is a common target for thieves. The cheapest cars to insure are simple, low horsepower, mid-sized, and come with plenty of safety equipment like seat-belts, airbags, and back-up warning systems.

Do Well in School

Because there is a correlation between good grades and safe driving habits, it is common for insurance companies to offer lower rates to teen drivers who maintain a “B” average or better. If you can provide a recent report card showing your good performance in school, you might save some money. Get those grades up!

Get On the Parents’ Policy

For most insurance companies, it is much cheaper to add a teen driver to their parents’ policy than to create a new one. Most companies will have some kind of family plan or multiple driver discounts.

Drive Like a Girl

Actually, there’s not much teen drivers can do about this, but young males are generally charged 10% higher premiums than females. This is simply because there is a higher correlation of accidents with guys than there are with girls. Sorry, guys.

Complete Teen Driver’s Education Courses

Driver’s education in Colorado is required for drivers under 16 who want to get their permit. But, if you choose to complete it even past 16, it may be positively reflected on your car and auto insurance rates. Some insurance companies offer up to a 15% discount for teens who have completed 30-hour driver’s education either online or in person. They believe that teens who have had the professional intensive training offered in these state-approved courses will be better drivers than those who learn privately.

Insurance rates go down sharply the longer a teen driver maintains a clean record and the older they get, so you won’t have to worry too long about those insane car insurance rates. But be warned that even a few tickets or a single accident can cause your rates to skyrocket, especially if you are a teen. Be extra careful during those first couple years of driving, and make sure you take the necessary steps to learn the principles of safe driving for life.

Gender Equality and the Car Insurance Industry

Gender Equality and the Car Insurance Industry

Comparisons regarding accident statistics can be made throughout different categories of driver. Younger drivers are statistically more at risk of having an accident than older drivers above the age of 35 so pay a higher insurance premium. They may possess car control skills but lack awareness and planning skills resulting in more accidents. Drivers in the younger age group now find the cost of car insurance prohibitive as the premium can often cost more than the car they intend to drive. If the younger driver is female the price of the premium can be so high as to make learning to drive too costly. This can seriously effect their place in the jobs market and is having a negative effect on driving school businesses. Younger drivers are taking lessons with friends and family members to offset the cost of driving lessons and so are being trained to a much lower standard than if they were taught by qualified instructors.

Older drivers are much less likely to be involved in an accident so premiums are less and this is backed up in real terms by the no claims bonus discounts. After the age of 40 the cost of insurance premiums becomes more even, indicating that the accident statistics also level out. So why aren’t they more level for the younger age group?

From a driver training perspective there is little to distinguish between male and female pupils. Both gender groups seem to have the same ability to pass the test. A big factor is the difference in the nature of accidents. Collisions involving male drivers tend to caused by aggressive driving and excessive speed. When an accident occurs due to these factors there is greater damage to vehicles leading to higher repair claims and a greater percentage of vehicles being written off entirely. Serious physical injury is also a greater possibility in this type of accident so medical bills will be higher. Accidents involving female drivers tend to be a result of poor spatial awareness so tend to be low speed collisions in restricted spaces. Reversing into street furniture is common so although a claim will be made it would only be for minor damages with little or no physical injury. This would require a much lower payout settlement than an accident with a male driver.

As predicted the insurance premiums for female drivers will be equalized to the same level as male drivers and not vice versa. Insurance companies that cater exclusively to women drivers should maintain their market share despite higher premiums as their advertising campaigns are designed to appeal to female drivers. They also offer unique selling points within their policies such as handbag contents insurance which would appeal exclusively to the female driver. The change in legislation could be considered unfair and has had it’s opponents but now it has been passed it looks like a more expensive time for women in the car insurance market.