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Automotive Engine Tune Ups, Engine Repair And Engine Replacement

Automotive Engine Tune Ups, Engine Repair And Engine Replacement

Automotive engine tune ups, engine repair and, possibly, engine replacement are crucial processes that every vehicle owner should know about. Your best resource would be a trustworthy and highly skilled automotive mechanic in Tampa who is an expert in auto repair and truck repair as well as auto inspection and not just auto oil change. Your engine is just as valuable as your car transmission system. If you need any car parts replacement, make sure your automotive mechanic in Tampa supplies you with genuine car parts such as those from AC Delco.

The engine tune up is a crucial component of your overall preventive maintenance regimen. It means the routine servicing of your vehicle engine based on the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer in your owner’s manual. The steps in the tune up and the recommended frequency are all in the manual. This may include the inspection of emission controls and the ignition system; possible replacement of certain components of the ignition system such as the rotor button, distributor cap and contact breaker; adjustment of the valve, air-fuel mixture and carburettor idle speed; re-fastening of the cylinder head bolts; and replacement of spark plugs and filters like the air filter. In modern vehicles, though, engine tune ups can be done as seldom as once every ten years.

Despite engine tune ups, vehicle engines can still break down due to various factors. You, as the vehicle owner, will then have to decide between engine repair or engine replacement. If you find engine replacement to be more cost effective, you will have to decide between a brand new engine, a used engine or a remanufactured engine.

Your automotive mechanic in Tampa will most probably tell you that engine repair will only be worthwhile if your vehicle is not yet ten years old and still has a market value of over $2,000.00. If your vehicle is older, any engine repair will do nothing to increase its resale value.

Your automotive mechanic in Tampa will also tell you if your engine is still repairable. It would be very expensive and no longer worthwhile to still repair an engine that has locked up or has ran for more than 150,000 miles, burns oil, or makes strange noises. In these cases, you should either replace your engine or your entire vehicle.

When replacing your engine, a brand new engine is, of course, the most expensive option. This is also called a crate engine and it comes ready for installation, with a solid warranty. Crate engines are practically identical to your original vehicle engine, or they may be even better with upgrades from the same manufacturer.

Your next option is a remanufactured engine. This is a used engine that has been completely overhauled and rebuilt, meeting or even exceeding the specifications of original equipment manufacturer engines. They are cheaper than crate engines but also come ready for installation and with solid warranties. They are also more eco-friendly because of the recycling of the engine.

A used engine that has not been remanufactured is not a reliable option at all even if it is very much cheaper. Choose this at your own risk.

When getting engine replacement with a crate engine or a remanufactured engine, ask your automotive mechanic in Tampa to check its compatibility with your vehicle.

To ensure that you will not need automotive engine repair and engine replacement any time soon, be diligent about your regular preventive maintenance procedures and engine tune ups. The time will come, however, when automotive engine repair or engine replacement becomes inevitable. When that time comes, make sure you have your reliable automotive mechanic in Tampa to do a proper job for your vehicle.

Ford Escape With A Hybrid Engine

Ford Escape With A Hybrid Engine

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV by Ford Motor Company. The first generation Ford Escape made its debut in 2001 as a small sports utility vehicle.

A hybrid version of the Escape was released in 2004, making it the first hybrid SUV.

For the year 2008, the Ford Escape Hybrid has been redesigned with a more aggressive look. The 2008 Escape Hybrid is a 4-door, 5-passenger sport-utility, available in two trims, the FWD and the 4WD. It has its all-new exterior and interior features, along with suspension refinements to improve the ride but retaining its traditional SUV style.

‘the FWD is equipped with a standard 2.3-liter, I4, 133-horsepower, hybrid engine that achieves 34-mpg in the city and 30-mpg on the highway. The 4WD is equipped with a standard 2.3-liter, I4, 133-horsepower, hybrid engine that achieves 29-mpg in the city and 27-mpg on the highway. A variable speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.? Speaking of fuel economy, the 2008 Escape is one of the first vehicles to reflect the new EPA test procedures. Ford also assures us that the improved aerodynamics achieves better fuel economy.

The exterior can be described as muscular. The new Escape looks bigger than the model it replaces, but actually it’s the same size, having the same wheelbase and exterior dimensions. notes that the new Ford-edge headlights, made the new Escape “a handsome little rig?.

These are the exterior auto parts that completes the new Escape; higher waistline, revised grille and headlamps, taller hood and larger mirrors.

It also made significant improvements in its interior comfort and quality. It showcases the first U.S. automotive application of seating surfaces made entirely from 100 percent recycled materials. ‘the entire vehicle is about 85% recyclable.? But these fabrics are attractive and expected to be very durable. It has a white-faced speedometer and tachometer back lit with blue lighting that’s easier to read, so it is extremely easy for the eyes at night.

There’s plenty of space to load their stuff, there’s 66 cubic feet with the second row folded and 27.8 cubic feet with all seats up.

‘standard safety features on the 2008 Escape Hybrid include front and side airbags for the front seats and side-curtain airbags that cover rows, four-wheel disc brakes w/abs and tire pressure monitoring.? In government crash test ratings, the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid receives three out of five stars for driver protection.

The price averages at about $30,000, making sure that the Escape remains a competitive small sport-utility vehicle.