What Makes a Good Driver

What Makes a Good Driver

No matter how efficient your car is it’s the driver that determines if it is a safe vehicle. A driver’s attitude and skill level effect how safe the use of a car is. Being able to drive yourself from A to B is a wonderful privilege to have but it’s also a massive responsibility and driving responsibly and safely is something that should be taken very seriously.

Having the correct attitude and behaving the right way behind the wheel are the main things needed to becoming a good driver. Other attributes needed are good concentration, anticipation, patience and having confidence.

In today’s driving conditions having good concentration is a prerequisite. You must be alert and concentrated at all times when behind the wheel of your car. Lose concentration even for a moment and the chances of making a mistake is increased massively and mistakes often lead to accidents.

You should avoid driving if you’re feeling tired, unwell, upset, angry or suffering from stress. If you have a sat nav or mobile phone you must not use these while you are driving. If you have to use them you should find a safe place and park up first. All of these things can affect your concentration levels and should be taken very seriously when it comes to driving.

Good anticipation in driving means planning in advance and acting swiftly to deal with the dangers around you. Having a good reaction time comes with experience and will stand you in good stead when becoming a good driver. When in your car you need to continually question the drivers and situations around you. Being alert helps you to not get taken by surprise and can prevent some accidents from happening.

Having patience is another skill worth having when it comes to driving. Everyone drives differently and some drivers have more experience than others. This difference in skill and experience can sometimes lead to certain things happening on the road that can make us as drivers angry but getting wound up and angry can also end up with an accident. The key is to be patient at all times and be prepared to make allowances for other peoples mistakes. It’s in everyone’s best interests.

Confidence is an attribute worth having when driving but it can also be a problem especially with new drivers because it can turn in to over confidence. Over confidence often leads to carelessness on the roads and carelessness can result in an accident.

Having good habits and being a thoughtful driver can help to ensure that you arrive safely to your destinations. If another driver upsets you with their bad driving try not to react. If you find that its affecting you then slow down and calm down or take a break because it’s at these times that you’re at your most vulnerable and all of your good habits and skills become reduced and an accident is most likely. You should always be prepared for other peoples bad driving and bad attitudes on the road.

Remember, the calmer you are and relaxed you are the better you will drive.

Secrets To Save Money On Car Buying

Secrets To Save Money On Car Buying

Purchasing a car is an costly proposition. You need to do a through research and also think over each and every factor before you make a final decision. A careful analysis can help you save thousands of dollars and also reduce tension in your life. For example, your ambition to own a new car will take a boost when you know the way to haggle a fair package on your present car that may substantially lessen the overall amount likely to be dished out by you.

– Steps to follow for those who have a car to trade-in

If you are in possession of a car that you wish to sell or trade-in, get an estimate of the rough value of your used car. Most showroom owners operate as used cars dealers too and if you settle on a good deal, you can significantly reduce the every month installments for new car through sizably modifying the initial advance payment exchanging the used one.

You must give a thorough thought to the way in which your used car is to be disposed off; i.e. you will sell it yourself or trade it in. Either decision is fraught with advantages and disadvantages and can potentially modulate the price through good amount.

– Analyze the financial factor

Chalk out the amount of down payment as well as the monthly payments that you can easily afford without getting a hole burnt in your pocket. Insurance cost, which inevitably will be higher on new cars, should be factored in. Examine your credit scores and rectify any visible blemish in it. Financing rates are to be checked next. Assess the accessible options to get a feel of the highest amount you stand qualified for. Moreover, consider whether leasing a car makes more sense for you than buying it.

– Choosing the right car

Talk to automobile magazine and website to learn about cars that are within your budget. Learn about their features, technical details, fuel efficiency plus their reviews. Have a list of 2-3 most desirable cars. Take a test drive to finally arrive at a decision.

– The Money Matters

Refer sites to find out about the invoice price and so the market price of a car. Visit as many dealers as possible to get the best offer.

– Just in case you plan to trade-in your used car with a new in Arizona

There are many used cars dealerships in Arizona who will happily do the needful for you. But it is advised that you deal with only trusted dealers to steer clear of being deceived by unscrupulous dealers. A dealer will attempt to persuade you to accept a smaller return for the trade-in that you can avert simply by carefully researching the AZ used cars for sale market to determine the resale price of the car model you own in your area. After you finalize the offer, you’ll be able to pull off significant fall in the initial down payment for the new car that will favorably effect upcoming monthly installments. Take you new car for a spin with a heightened level of pleasure arising out of the offer you got on your used car.

Audi’s Dtm: To Turn The Tables

Audi’s Dtm: To Turn The Tables

The Audi AG is about to set forth a powerful campaign dubbed DTM. The campaign will begin this weekend at Hockenheim. The German automaker is delivering their DTM campaign with high hopes to snatch the crown back from Mercedes which is its closest rival.

Martin Tomczyk and Tom Kristensen were the Ingolstadt marque’s highest-scoring representatives in 2006, winding up third and fourth in the end-of-season drivers’ standings as Mercedes star racers filled out four of the top six places and succeed in 60 percent of the races.

Additionally, Mattias Ekstr?m, formerly the series champion, finished a lowly eighth but with a single victory to his name. However, at present, all three are confident of being able to turn the tables.

“We are all looking forward to the start of the 2007 DTM season,” said seven-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner Kristensen. “Previously, Hockenheim has always been a circuit that didn’t suit our Audi, especially the first two sectors. Since we race twice there – the opener and finale – Hockenheim is of particular importance. Audi Sport and the team have improved the A4 DTM noticeably over the winter. It will be very interesting to see whether the step forward was big enough.”

Tomczyk also is positive the DTM campaign could get underway. The Audi cold air intake and other racing parts may not be enough but the eagerness, passion and skills of the racers could fuel up the adrenaline and performance. Race enthusiasts are confident Audi can take the fight to Mercedes on a far more consistent basis this time around.

“It’s high time things finally get started again,” Tomczyk quipped. “I have high expectations for the season-opener. I like Hockenheim; until now I’ve always been in the leading group in qualifying and the race.”

“I’m really interested to see how things shape up at the first race – especially in qualifying on Saturday,” Ekstr?m concurred. “Then we’ll know where we stand in comparison to the competition. My team and I are well-prepared. We have tested intensively with the new Audi A4 DTM and my gut feeling is that we can be successful this year, but let’s wait and see how things really look after qualifying.”

Meanwhile, Christian Abt was rather more circumspect heading into the opening round, fearing last year’s Audi A4 will not be able to live with the 2006-spec Mercedes C-Class at the home of the German Grand Prix.

“I come to Hockenheim with mixed feelings,” the tin-top veteran intimated. “The 2006 car was already extremely well-sorted last year, so that there was hardly any room to make it quicker over the winter. I’m afraid we’ll have a tough time in last year’s A4 against the year-old Mercedes at Hockenheim.”

Wolfgang Ullrich, the head of the Audi Motorsport, believes that the overall picture for the manufacturer would be far more encouraging than that of a year ago. Ullrich anticipates the opening skirmish with a good deal of excitement and anticipation.

“The season finally starts after a winter of hard work,” Ullrich noted. “We are well-prepared and have strengthened our team with young drivers, who made a strong impression during the tests. I’m optimistic, but you only have a true idea of where you stand after two or three races are already run. I’m convinced it will be very close again and the spectators can look forward to a thrilling DTM season in 2007.”

President Bush Visits Ford Kansas Plant

President Bush Visits Ford Kansas Plant

In his most recent State of the Union Address, US President George W. Bush stated that one of the goals of the current administration is ‘to promote energy independence? for the country. He asked the legislators to enact laws aimed at protecting the environment, and he also did propose a $1.2 billion fund for research on the use of hydrogen as a potential substitute to gasoline.

He also asked the nation to: ?Join me in this important innovation to make our air significantly cleaner, and our country much less dependent on foreign sources of energy.? Recently, the President made a move that supports his statements earlier in the year by visiting the Ford Motor Company’s Kansas plant where hybrid and flex fuel vehicles are being developed and produced.

The Kansas City Assembly Plant by Ford with more than 300 employees welcomed the President when he toured the hybrid assembly line. He addressed the gathered employees of the plant saying: ‘technology changes the way we have lived our lives and technology is going to change the way we drive our cars.? The President also commended the development undertaken by the country’s second largest car manufacturer in the development of flex fuel vehicles which can run on E85 fuel. This fuel is a combination of bio-ethanol and it is produced from agricultural products and is used as a conventional gasoline. The President said: ?You’re making a new kind of automobile that is literally a part of changing America for the better.?

Ford’s top man Alan Mulally was present to welcome and tour the President around the facility. He has this to say during the President’s visit on the company’s plant: ?Ford stands ready to work with the Administration and Congress to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. At Kansas City Assembly, we are doing some exciting things. In addition to producing the nation’s first hybrid electric SUV, we are also building the best-selling pickup truck in the world ? the Ford F-150 ? capable of running on E85 ethanol, gasoline or any combination of the two fuels.?

Ford’s president and Chief Executive Officer also highlighted the company’s other efforts in consonance with the administrations goal of energy independency by saying: ?We are also developing a range of advanced technologies that improve fuel efficiency, such as clean diesel, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen internal combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells and advanced gasoline engines. These advanced technologies will help reduce green house gas emissions and lessen our dependence on foreign petroleum.?

These technologies being developed by the Ford Motor Company will serve as a good stepping stone for the future of green cars. With these vehicles, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by their vehicles will be reduced as efficiently as a Volvo muffler reduces unwanted noise. The Ford Motor Company has already invested $100 million in the production of both the conventional and hybrid version of the Ford Escape. Ford is also the parent of Mercury brand which is the producer of the Mercury Mariner Hybrid.

Aside from these vehicles, the President was also shown the Ford Edge equipped with the HySeries Drive? which is the first fuel cell plug in hybrid electric vehicle. In closing, Ken Ward, the plant manager of the Kansas City Assembly has this to say: ?It is an extraordinary honor for us to welcome the President into our plant. Our employees had the opportunity to explain the hybrid production process and demonstrate their commitment to building the best hybrid and E85 vehicles in the world.?

Distracted Driving an Overview

Distracted Driving an Overview

Driving is more about focus and control. To avoid any mishap or accident when driving, it is strongly recommended that you focus on driving safely while sitting behind the wheel. Regardless of experience, all drivers are vulnerable to distractions by something or another when they drive. You have to be responsible and disciplined to be able to maintain focus even when distractions are present.

What are Distractions?

Frankly, driver distractions are anything that takes the driver’s focus off driving. These distractions can be present anywhere- both outside the vehicle and inside it. Distractions remain a big issue on our roadways these days. Approximately 25% of all police-reported crashes involve driver distractions. Since all such incidences are not reported to police, actual number of Distracted Driving issues can be higher than expected. Sadly enough, these crashes can be prevented quite easily provided the driver is able to stay focused on safe driving instead of distractions around.

Types of Driver Distractions Inside and Outside the Vehicle

Driver distractions inside the vehicle include dialing or talking on a cell phone, composing, sending or reading text messages, eating or drinking, writing or reading (including maps), using a GPS device, reaching for the glove compartment, cleaning the inside of the windshield, and other such distraction. Common distractions outside the vehicle include other people, animals, street names and addresses, houses, buildings, vegetation, scenery, etc.

Distracted Driver Training is Important

Commercial drivers have many responsibilities. Therefore, it is important that they pay attention to the task at hand, i.e. driving the vehicle safely. They can’t compromise the safety and security of people on board or those they share the road with, nor can they tarnish the reputation of the company or organization that are driving for, just because they were distracted.

To ensure distractions don’t succeed in taking your focus off driving, make sure to take distracted driver training courses, such as those provided by Drivefleet – a leading provider of online driver training for drivers of commercial vehicles and all those who drive on behalf of an organization. The goal of Drivefleet is to help commercial drivers learn more than just driving skills. As part of Distracted Driver Training, for example, commercial drivers are trained to minimize or disregard driver distractions and to remain focused on their driving environment.

It’s time your drivers to become more responsible and focused. Enroll your drivers in the distracted driving course now! Since the driver training courses offered by Drivefleet are online, courses are available 24×7, anytime anywhere there is an Internet connection.