Free DMV Practice Tests Online

Free DMV Practice Tests Online

Have you ever had to go to the DMV and renew a driver’s license or take a driving test? I have, and wow the DMV can be a real painful process.

I recently had to help a friend get their drivers license for California. My friend had to transfer her license from Nevada to California. For this process she had to take a California driving test; written and physical driving test. We went down to the DMV to get all the necessary forms to Practice for her tests. After standing in a 2 hour line and dealing with some “not-so-happy agents”, we finally were informed that the DMV Practice test Booklet was out and they did not have any more to give way. This was very discouraging since we just spent half the day at the DMV and were in no better shape than when we started.

I figured at his point my friend still had to take her tests and still needed a way to study for them. So I went online. After a couple hours of research I found a sweet website! This website,has every DMV Practice Test for all 50 States. This website is a great resource. I found Free DMV Practice tests here as well as DMV Driving Manuals.

So once I found this great resource I passed it on to my friend and she began to study. My friend ended up taking the DMV driving test about 3 days after finding this website. She said she studied about an hour each night and then took the test. After she took the test she told me that every question that was presented in the website was the exact question that was on the DMV driving test. She said that this website,really helped her practice and got her prepared to pass the DMV driving test. My friend passed the test first time and missed 1 question. She did great and we are all proud of her! She is now a valid California driver and we are all a bit safer for that.

So feel free to visit this website, it is a great resource and really prepares you for the DMV driving tests. This website is also a great resource for driving manuals and free car check lists.