Essential Interactive Guide For Those Preparing To Take Their Driving

Essential Interactive Guide For Those Preparing To Take Their Driving Theory Test.

When you are on driving vehicles, it becomes your responsibility to avoid some common accidents/hazards. Be aware all time and use your commonsense as soon as possible.

Every person is different and each individual takes different times to accomplish things, so don’t be put off if one of your friend’s or colleague’s pass way before you?ve even if you haven’t started to think about your tests. It’s not a race.

Learning to drive can be very daunting, particularly as learners have to navigate their way around both a practical exam and a not-too-easy theory test too.

The theory test serves up official DSA theory questions – it contains more than 900 of them – letting users study by different topics such as motorway rules, safety, hazard awareness and so on.

The questions generated appear randomly so you can’t just memories the order – like a friend helping you learn but without having to ask them for a favor really. Users can also select just how many questions they want each time, meaning it’s an ideal app to help squeeze in a bit of prep whether you have two minutes spare or half an hour.

There’s also a handy mock test mode so you can see just how well – or how badly – you’d do if you were in the exam hot seat for real. Rather than just giving a score at the end of the exam, the app will show you the right answers and an explanation of why that’s the case. It’s certainly an eye opener.

You can also chart your progress through these tests to see how much better you’re getting as you’re brain absorbs the information.

Here in UK before you can attempt the practical driving test you must pass the Theory test. Pass Your Driving Theory Test by LDC aims to get you through the theory test. The game, if you can call it that, is played with the DS on its side. The questions are on the normal screen and the answers are on the touch screen.

The first, Quick Test, allows you to customize your test by selecting the number of questions you are asked, change the timing options and choose whether or not to include previously correctly answered questions, though it will always ask a mixture of questions from across the 14 categories. Once you’ve answered all the questions you go back to the start to check each answer and, when you are happy with your answers, you tap the finish button. At the end it gives you your mark and percentage, then an explanation of the correct answers, with the option to retry or go back to the Main menu.

All the questions that you could be asked in your theory test are covered, with explanations for the answers too. An easy to use layout and variety of game modes, although limited, are all present.

is an essential interactive guide for those preparing to take their driving theory test. All 1265 official DSA questions are included for both cars and motorcycles, with users given the option to customize a revision schedule to fine tune their knowledge.