Distracted Driving an Overview

Distracted Driving an Overview

Driving is more about focus and control. To avoid any mishap or accident when driving, it is strongly recommended that you focus on driving safely while sitting behind the wheel. Regardless of experience, all drivers are vulnerable to distractions by something or another when they drive. You have to be responsible and disciplined to be able to maintain focus even when distractions are present.

What are Distractions?

Frankly, driver distractions are anything that takes the driver’s focus off driving. These distractions can be present anywhere- both outside the vehicle and inside it. Distractions remain a big issue on our roadways these days. Approximately 25% of all police-reported crashes involve driver distractions. Since all such incidences are not reported to police, actual number of Distracted Driving issues can be higher than expected. Sadly enough, these crashes can be prevented quite easily provided the driver is able to stay focused on safe driving instead of distractions around.

Types of Driver Distractions Inside and Outside the Vehicle

Driver distractions inside the vehicle include dialing or talking on a cell phone, composing, sending or reading text messages, eating or drinking, writing or reading (including maps), using a GPS device, reaching for the glove compartment, cleaning the inside of the windshield, and other such distraction. Common distractions outside the vehicle include other people, animals, street names and addresses, houses, buildings, vegetation, scenery, etc.

Distracted Driver Training is Important

Commercial drivers have many responsibilities. Therefore, it is important that they pay attention to the task at hand, i.e. driving the vehicle safely. They can’t compromise the safety and security of people on board or those they share the road with, nor can they tarnish the reputation of the company or organization that are driving for, just because they were distracted.

To ensure distractions don’t succeed in taking your focus off driving, make sure to take distracted driver training courses, such as those provided by Drivefleet – a leading provider of online driver training for drivers of commercial vehicles and all those who drive on behalf of an organization. The goal of Drivefleet is to help commercial drivers learn more than just driving skills. As part of Distracted Driver Training, for example, commercial drivers are trained to minimize or disregard driver distractions and to remain focused on their driving environment.

It’s time your drivers to become more responsible and focused. Enroll your drivers in the distracted driving course now! Since the driver training courses offered by Drivefleet are online, courses are available 24×7, anytime anywhere there is an Internet connection.