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Winter Driving Safety

Winter Driving Safety

Every year we hear about tragic incidents where people die as a result of winter driving conditions. It is a tragic fact that more people die on the roads during harsh winter weather. Slick roads, limited visibility and extreme cold are just a few factors that make winter driving so dangerous.

Driving safety should always be a priority, but in the winter, there are a few extra precautions you should take. Below are a few tips to keep you and your family safe this winter.

Get your car serviced now. If a tune up is due, get it done. Check your battery and charging system, as many charging systems that work well in the summer, often struggle in cold weather. Be sure to check your antifreeze levels and make sure your back window defrost system is working. Also, don’t forget to check your tire pressure. Pressure drops in cold weather… 1 pound for every ten degrees! Low tire pressure will significantly limit your car’s handling and increase the likelihood of accidents.

Inspect your windshield wipers. You will never need them more than now, so make sure they get the job done. Replace them if immediately if wipers cause any visibility issues. If you live in a place with heavy snowfall, Winter Wipers are very helpful. These “hard core” wipers keep ice and snow from collecting on the blades. That means better vision and less time in the morning scraping windows.

Keep your tank full. There are two times I insist on a full tank… when driving through Death Valley and in the winter. The winter is one of the worst times to be stranded as extreme temperature pose a real threat to survival.

Stock your car with winter driving supplies. There are a few things I recommend carrying in your vehicle this winter:

Slow down. If in doubt, take it slow. You may not get there as fast, but you will get there in one piece!

Level 5 VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair Your Road to

Level 5 VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair Your Road to Success

A career in vehicle accident repair can be a very rewarding career that could even see you owning and running your own repairs business in the future. Whether you are switching careers or you have just left school, it’s essential that you have the right level of training so that you can stand out from the crowd and really make an impact at interview.

The Level 5 – VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair qualification is perfect for those who have already completed the previous 4 modules in this series and who now want to move to the next level. There are many motor vehicle courses in Glasgow, but this particular course gives you the essential knowledge you need to become a body repairer offering repairs across a wide range of vehicles. With this qualification you will impress employers and be ready to work in any type of garage or car dealership. The Level 5 – VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair looks great on your CV and is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

The Stepping Stone to A Promising Career in the Vehicle Repair Trade

Another benefit to taking this training course is that it is recognised by the Sector Skills Council as a VRQ/Technical Certificate. If you are aiming to achieve a Modern Apprenticeship then this course can be used as knowledge evidence.

When taking this course you will be studying a variety of theory and practical modules related to the removal and fitting of non-welded non-structural body panels and replacing non-structural body panels and repairing non-structural body panels. You will not only learn how to remove panels safely and with no damage to other areas of the vehicle, but also how to repair them to the highest standard and to make good areas that require touching up or cosmetic repair.

When taking one of these motor vehicle courses in Glasgow you will be learning in a safe and well-equipped workshop and have access to the equipment you need and also the knowledge of your qualified and experienced instructor.

One of the Best Automobile Repair Courses There Is

If you are considering a career in vehicle repair then the VRQ in Vehicle Accident Repair is an excellent course to take. It’s a qualification that is widely recognised across the automobile repair industry and could really take you places.

People are always going to be driving cars and that means they are always going to need the expertise of a good vehicle repairs expert. You could be that expert and all it takes is a little dedication and hard work on a good quality vehicle repair course. You could be qualified and ready to hit the job market in a matter of months and land yourself a fantastic new job in the repairs industry.

Why not check out the many motor vehicle courses in Glasgow today and begin your journey into an exciting and rewarding new career.

Trip Planning For Truckers

Trip Planning For Truckers

Commercial truck drivers must plan their trips wisely. They must plan around hours of service rules and regulations. They must also plan around pick-up and delivery times for their loads. Commercial truck drivers must plan their trips carefully as there are consequences for failing to do so. Failing to plan trips can waste time and fuel. Drivers could get lost and end up in unknown or unsafe areas. They could run out of fuel. They may not know where a truck stop is located. They may not be able to find a safe place to sleep. Taking the time to plan trips can help ensure that things can go smoothly. This requires drivers to have proper equipment.

One item drivers might consider is a Global Positioning System best known as a GPS. GPS units are designed to help drivers determine the best route to a specific destination. GPS Units have maps including very precise voice prompted directions. They also have other features such as traffic delay alerts. However, things can go wrong with a GPS unit. A GPS can lose its signal or have an outdated map in its systems. Consequently, a GPS should not be your sole source of driving information as they are not foolproof.

Truck drivers should also have a Professional Motor Carriers Road Atlas. This type of road atlas is made specifically for commercial truck drivers. Heavy trucks are not allowed on all roads and highways. You never want to find yourself on a road which is unsuitable for heavy trucks. A spiral bound laminated book best as it is very durable. Unlike a GPS which is not foolproof, a current road atlas is foolproof and can stand on its own in enabling you to plan your driving route. Good map reading skills will enable you to get the best use out of a road atlas.

Truckers should have a cell phone with computer applications and/or a laptop. This is especially helpful in keeping abreast of information including weather conditions. They should also have a calculator which is helpful in calculating mileage, fuel consumption, etc.

Always allow extra time for your trips. There is always the possibly that unexpected things will occur which can throw your time off. Once you have calculated the mileage and estimated time your trip will take you can make further plans. Locate truckstops along your route. This will enable you to plan your breaks. It will also enable you to determine what time you need to stop to rest for the evening. This is especially important as truckstops are few and far between in some areas of the country. Failure to get a good parking place for the evening could cause you to have to stop in unknown and possibly unsafe areas.

Taking the time to plan your trips can enable you to be a more productive driver. You will be able to get to your destinations with few if any problems. You will be a successful, happier trucker as a result.

Check Your Brakes Regularly to Avoid Any Mishap on Roads

Check Your Brakes Regularly to Avoid Any Mishap on Roads

If the car brakes are not performing well, your drive down the road is surely not safe enough. There are no second thoughts to the importance of brakes in a car’s safety. Do not wait until something goes wrong and you realize that it all happened due to poor look out on the performance of brakes. The moment you spot non-functionality or any kind of problem with brakes, get the brake repair services should be done at the earliest. Any procrastination would cost you dearer, as accidents are great possibilities.

With sophisticated cars loaded with complex technologies launched in the market today, a car’s repair and maintenance services are no longer the same. You cannot simply take in your car at any repair or service station, because the modern day cars are designed with such care, that only the certified technicians would be able to work on it. Not every auto brakes repair shop in Murfreesboro, TN, would be able to understand the complexities involved in the brake systems of today’s car systems and it is wiser to let the certified technicians do the job.

You certainly do not wish to bump into something, just because all of a sudden you realize that the car’s brakes are no longer doing the job they are supposed to. Regretting your choice to delay the repair is no good and it is better to be safe at the first place than to be sorry later. Your car’s safety measures are taken care of by brakes and if not for timely repair and lookout, you are endangering not just your car, but your precious life as well.

It is highly recommended that you have regular visits to the local auto brakes repair shop in Murfreesboro, TN, to keep troubles at bay. Even if everything is alright and you do not feel the need to visit the repair shop, make it a point that you do not miss out on timely checks on brakes. You might be unable to observe the problem from the exterior, but auto technicians with their everyday experience can easily pick up on the problem and help you avoid unpleasant events.

An accident or any tragedy does not come with a warning and so precautionary measures are to be adhered to on a serious note. There is no kidding around when it comes to safety measures and any negligence would result in the worst case scenario, death. So buckle up now and get your brakes checked at the nearest brakes repair shop in Murfreesboro, TN.

Free DMV Practice Tests Online

Free DMV Practice Tests Online

Have you ever had to go to the DMV and renew a driver’s license or take a driving test? I have, and wow the DMV can be a real painful process.

I recently had to help a friend get their drivers license for California. My friend had to transfer her license from Nevada to California. For this process she had to take a California driving test; written and physical driving test. We went down to the DMV to get all the necessary forms to Practice for her tests. After standing in a 2 hour line and dealing with some “not-so-happy agents”, we finally were informed that the DMV Practice test Booklet was out and they did not have any more to give way. This was very discouraging since we just spent half the day at the DMV and were in no better shape than when we started.

I figured at his point my friend still had to take her tests and still needed a way to study for them. So I went online. After a couple hours of research I found a sweet website! This website,has every DMV Practice Test for all 50 States. This website is a great resource. I found Free DMV Practice tests here as well as DMV Driving Manuals.

So once I found this great resource I passed it on to my friend and she began to study. My friend ended up taking the DMV driving test about 3 days after finding this website. She said she studied about an hour each night and then took the test. After she took the test she told me that every question that was presented in the website was the exact question that was on the DMV driving test. She said that this website,really helped her practice and got her prepared to pass the DMV driving test. My friend passed the test first time and missed 1 question. She did great and we are all proud of her! She is now a valid California driver and we are all a bit safer for that.

So feel free to visit this website, it is a great resource and really prepares you for the DMV driving tests. This website is also a great resource for driving manuals and free car check lists.