Basf Solidifies Partnership With Land Rover

Basf Solidifies Partnership With Land Rover

BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has conveyed its deep appreciation to Land Rover for rewarding the company confidence with its expertise. BASF is Rover’s provider of essential automotive OEM coatings for its Solihull plant in England.

Rover’s Solihull plant automotive coatings needs are being carried out by 23 BASF employees who work on said site. According to Mike Grandy, Key Account Manager for Ford of Europe, “”We have enjoyed a 5 year relationship with Land Rover, taking care of all materials for pretreatment and application of surfaces.?

Auto parts and units are manufactured in a two-shifts-per-day operation. Said operation paves way to a fast and reliable production of Discovery, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Defender parts. After the production of Rover’s power parts, the meticulous process of assembly takes place and the BASF Coatings team deployed on the site performs their car coating know-how.

BASF Coatings team includes the Account Manager, the Process Leader, the Application Technician, the Materials Controller, the one responsible for the Quality Operating System (QOS), and 16 other BASF technicians. The team ensures constant communication with the customers to address their needs and demands to further boost their service.

BASF Coatings provides Land Rover with paints for cathodic electrodeposition (CathoGuard 310), 21 basecoats, 15 primers, and 2 clearcoats. Also, the company also employs 13 pre-paint application process steps for efficient car coating functions.

Moreover, BASF Coatings is also included in the workflows at Land Rover and Ford in Total Value Management. Hence, the company does only take pride in its paint competence but its overall expertise in the field of automotive coatings and manufacturing. In fact, the company suggests fresh ideas, cost-cutting techniques and viable improvements to contribute to Rover’s expediency.

In the previous year BASF Coatings, because of its contributed ideas, was nominated for the Henry Ford Award as part of Ford’s global assessment program. Today, BASF Coatings is famed for its first-rate range of automotive OEM coatings, industrial coatings and decorative paints.