Month: July 2019

Car Restoration

Car Restoration

Car restoration is one activity that will leave you with an extreme sense of accomplishment. It is a hobby that requires dedication, time and money. Fords and Chevy’s are the two models that are the easiest to begin with as there are always parts available as the need arises.

Prior to any car restoration you will need to prepare your shop for the the task. Collect the materials needed such as a camera, a few cardboard boxes, a sharpie and some tags for labels. It is important to keep track of the parts that are taken off sooner rather than later. When it is time to take the car apart you need to estimate what needs to be replaced and what needs to be repaired. In this way will ensure you are not wasting parts at any time during the car restoration project.

Take inventory of the parts as you pull them off by separating them into two individual boxes labeled repair and replace. Take pictures of them as you do this so you know what the car looks like with them on and off. This process will also help you in figuring how much money you will need and how long it will take you to complete the project.

Once you have all the parts removed you can begin the cleaning process. The cleaning process of the car restoration entails the car be reduced to bare metal. This can be done through several methods although you will need to find one that you feel the most comfortable with. The easiest and fastest method by far is to have the car dipped in acid. This removes dust, rust, and other foreign materials.

You will be able to view the damage the car has been through once it is stripped. You very well might find rust holes, damaged floorboards, and dents. Do not despair! Even if the car didn’t look bad when you purchased it you need to that this car has had a full eventful life. You only want to add to it right? So get busy and take that Sharpie to mark all the things that either need replacing or repairing.

It is time to repair all those dents, holes, and problem areas to get ready for sanding. You will use several grades of sandpaper during the sanding procedure beginning with 36 to 80. Once you have completed this step you are ready to apply the glazing. Begin with 220 wet grit sandpaper and advance to 800 wet grit sandpaper. This will leave your car with a hazy mirror image and also provide a preventative measure against scratches.

Your car restoration is finished! You are now ready to show off your beautiful car to the neighborhood with pride.

Police Crack Down On Phone-driving

Police Crack Down On Phone-driving

The Police in the UK are starting a new initiative to crack down on drivers using hand held mobile phones. Latest figures show that the amount of people using a mobile phone while driving has increased over the several years. New figures show the main offenders for the increase are younger drivers aged 17-24 who regularly read and type text messages as well as talking while driving. A recent survey undertaken by Bluetooth Car Kit Direct shows that over 70% of that age group have done so at least once this year, however many do admit to doing it regularly.

Many different answers were given when questioned as to why they committed the offence, however the main response from the male section of the group was down to over confidence or the ability to navigate away from a dangerous situation (if one happened). Many of the females questioned pleaded ignorance to the law’s in place since 2003 and updated in 2007, stating that they didn’t know it was against the law. However the female section did recognise that it was more dangerous to drive while on the phone than when not.

The second highest offenders were the group of 25-34 year olds of which 20% admitted to regularly using the mobile phone while driving but did realise that they were breaking the law. Many of this group would only check a text if they were expecting an important message and would usually leave an incoming call unless important. The last group 35-Over very rarely answer calls while driving and virtually never read texts. Only 5% admitted to using the phone illegally while driving this year, however of this age group questioned over half already used a bluetooth car kit when driving (were discounted from the survey). The rest were unaware of what a bluetooth car kit was, however were very interested when shown a demonstration of how they worked.

Bluetooth car kit direct demonstrated how various bluetooth car kits worked to everybody questioned in the survey. Everybody thought that all the kits shown were very useful and could see the benefits of having one. A lot of people were also surprised how cheap the kits were and they didn’t have an excuse for not using one. John (in the 25-34 age group) stated “The kit i liked was ?34.99 that’s half the price of a fine from the police and without the 3 points, I’m definitely buying one”

The police crack down is due to the large amounts of accidents attended by the police in which a mobile phone was being used. No new powers are being used however police are now more vigilant and are on the look out for phone-drivers. They are also less likely to let the offender off with a warning when caught instead opting for the ?60 fine and 3 points.

Not only are the bluetooth car kits cheaper than a fine, they may also prevent an accident.

Cadillac Sixteen: Concept Or Production Vehicle?

Cadillac Sixteen: Concept Or Production Vehicle?

This past month I was finally able to get a first hand view of a fabulous looking concept car called the Cadillac Sixteen at the North Carolina International Automobile Show. As concepts go, the Sixteen is truly a radical looking, but thoroughly luxurious sedan that serves as a reminder of Cadillac’s past glory while incorporating a forward-looking 21st century style. Will the car be built? That is hard to say, especially considering GM’s current financial condition. However, let’s take a closer look at the dream car and what a Sixteen could do for the Cadillac brand.

It is a given: Cadillac has made tremendous strides over the past decade despite the ongoing problems with parent GM. No longer solely the builder of posh luxo-cruisers for the elderly, the current Cadillac line up is exciting, invigorating, and competitive. Whereas in times past comparisons with BMW and Mercedes would not have been made, today’s models frequently are compared to their elite German rivals. Sales are up and profits are up; still, there is room for improvement and the Sixteen could be the model behind the continued upswing in Cadillac fortunes.

So, why is the Sixteen still receiving raves three years after making its debut at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show? Well, let me paint a picture of this car for you: imagine a sedan with an extra long hood which seamlessly flows up to a rakish windshield. To the top of the car and down to its trunk, the Sixteen looks as if it is in motion while standing still. GM used no less than 30 coats of paint to bring out the deep, rich midnight silver color in the finish which gives the car an almost surreal look. Add in bountiful 24 inch tires and the car is truly commanding. Strikingly, the hood is center hinged like cars of old: while it was on display, one section of the hood was lifted up to reveal half of its sixteen cylinders. That’s right, the car isn’t called “Sixteen” for no reason.

The inside of the Sixteen is simply opulent. Because the car was sectioned off by roping, it was hard to get an eagle eye look. Nevertheless, I was able to see that the Sixteen incorporates advanced interior lighting, deep wood trim, and brushed leather almost everywhere.

After leaving the show I did some investigating and have learned that GM won’t be producing the Sixteen as shown. Supposedly, the 1000 horsepower output and 1000 lbs of torque is a bit much for a production vehicle and even with displacement on demand technology in use, 16 cylinders is a bit of a stretch in this day of elevated fuel prices.

What I have learned is that is several upcoming Cadillac models will adopt some of the Sixteen’s styling cues when they are updated over the next few years. Talk of adding a V12 engine to one model continues to persist, but most of the speculation involves styling.

Yes, Cadillac is no longer just the exclusive realm of blue haired grannies; instead, the brand is as exciting and as stimulating as just about any make today.

How to Find the Most Fuel-Efficient Diesel Pickup Truck

How to Find the Most Fuel-Efficient Diesel Pickup Truck

Commercial diesel may cost a little more per gallon than gasoline, but ask any diesel owner, and they’ll tell you that you get far more fuel economy for the price. Whether you’re looking for a GMC/Chevy Duramax, a Dodge Cummins or a Ford Powerstroke vehicle, follow these tips from diesel experts to find a fuel-efficient truck that still packs plenty of power under its hood.

Buy the Right Truck for Your Job

“What do you need your truck to do?” That’s the question Meridian Idaho based Gem State Diesel’s master technician Gage Burlingame asks prospective buyers first. “If you do mostly city driving and don’t haul heavy loads, you want a lighter vehicle that doesn’t need to scoop a lot of air to run efficiently. If you’re towing a lot of weight or doing mostly interstate driving, get a larger truck that can handle your needs.” All of the major manufacturers offer a range of sizes, so shop for the right size to improve your fuel economy

Consider Trade-In Value

According to another of GSD’s master diesel technicians, Shawn Musgrave, the most fuel-efficient diesel truck available today could be tomorrow’s fuel-guzzler. “The government’s fuel economy standards are tightening up, and manufacturers are responding with more efficient engines every year. The 2014 models set to go into production now will have new EcoDiesel engines that promise better economy than anything on the market today without sacrificing power.” A more efficient diesel fuel injection pump in the EcoDiesel engines lets them deliver the same power from a smaller burst of fuel. New common rail injectors also contribute to the design’s efficiency. Musgrave advises keeping your truck in good shape to maximize its resale value. “Diesel maintenance is important whether you’re keeping your truck for years or replacing next week, but the investment you make in maintenance today could mean thousands of dollars at trade-in time.”

Make Yours Manual

One trait that gas-powered and diesel engines have in common is that a manual transmission saves on fuel, especially in hilly territory. Burlingame says the difference from driving around a city like Boise to driving mountainous terrain in Stanley or Lowman could be as much as 8 percent. Manual transmissions typically have lower maintenance needs too; the less often your truck sees the inside of a diesel engine repair shop, the more money you save.

Ask the Experts

“Someone who’s selling you a truck will make that truck sound like the best on the lot,” says Musgrave, “even if it’s not quite the one you need.” Instead, he suggests talking to people who are familiar with diesel trucks yet aren’t in the business of selling them. “Ask a diesel mechanic, a station attendant or a diesel maintenance specialist about the most fuel-efficient options,” he says. “You can learn a lot from half an hour with someone who sees dozens of makes and models.” Searching online can also help, he says, but be sure your source is trustworthy. Consumer-based reports and EPA sites are a good place to find unbiased information on diesel fuel economy.

Getting The Best Deal When Buying A Used Ford Car

Getting The Best Deal When Buying A Used Ford Car

Buying a used ford car has never been easier, especially thanks to the accredited dealerships which are now able to retail used ford cars with as much certainty for the buyer as when they’re getting a brand new one. This shift towards seller accountability, especially when it comes to Ford cars, has made second hand options far more attractive than they were in the past. Ford as a company are largely responsible for this, and have had their model replicated by many other manufacturers who understand that their approach helps to solidify their position as a quality manufacturer who protects their customer’s safety even when they’re not buying from them directly.

The Process

Because Ford has a great reputation and is able to rely on repeat custom they are able to account for this in their business model. That’s why accredited dealerships are able to sell customers new cars, and trade in their old cars at a reasonable price. Then, they can sell other peoples second hand cars onto new customers. However, it’s not as simple as that. Firstly they will check that the car meets all the standards that are set forth by Ford and by themselves. If the car is not working like clock-work they will either refuse to buy this car from a seller, or they will buy it and perform and the necessary repair work until its completely road worthy. This approach allows used Ford buyers to know that they are buying quality, even if they are not buying it brand new from the showroom floor.

Finance Options

Certain Ford dealers have the ability to offer finance options to their customers. This means that if a potential buyer does not have the cash to be able to finance the purchase of a second hand car that they will be able to get a loan which could mean that they will be able to get on the road before they have the money in the bank. This doesn’t always work out, however it can do more often than not. That’s why choosing to go with an accredited Ford dealership can be a great option. If your wages are more than enough to cover the cost of running your car, and making payments, why shouldn’t you be able to get on the road as soon as possible.

Infinite Choices

When it comes to buying a used ford car your choices aren’t limited in the same way as they might be with other manufactures. Ford manufacturers high performance sports cars, family hatch backs and MPVs. Whatever it is your looking for in terms of appearance, performance, engine displacement, or seating capacity you can be sure that Ford will be able to give you what your looking for. That’s why a Ford used car dealership is often the best place to go when you are looking for a used car. You’ll also be able to test drive a wide variety of motors, meaning you don’t have to rest until your fully satisfied.